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Woodbridge Expansion Area

The Woodbridge Expansion Area in the Official Plan Amendment 400 (OPA 400) of the City of Vaughan is a 340 ha block of land which will eventually support a population of up to 14,000 people. The OPA 400 emphasizes two major themes: environmental protection based on an ecosystem approach to planning, and a compact and efficient urban form that is based on a well-defined urban structure that integrates land use, urban design, major infrastructure and a public transit system.

The Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) was created in co-operation with other consultants, and identifies how the goals of the OPA 400 environmental guidelines are met through the development of a comprehensive management plan. This was the first MESP for one of the many Blocks of OPA 400 and will be the benchmark for other MESP's for OPA 400 area. More specifically, the MESP analyzed existing conditions, opportunities for enhancement and areas of constraint, recommended municipal servicing and stormwater management schemes for the proposed development, and lastly, conducted an environmental impact assessment.

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