Vijay Gupta, P.Eng

Director/Partner, Construction Department

Vijay Gupta, (P.Eng.) started with Schaeffer & Reinthaler Limited in 1976 as a Survey Instrument Operator. He then joined Schaeffer & Associates in 1981 as a Project Engineer. Today he is a Director/Partner with the company, and heads up part of the Construction Department. He is responsible for all of Schaeffer's contract administration for the western half of the Greater Toronto Area. In this capacity, he performs a broad range of tasks including meeting with project clients, investigating site servicing requirements, liaising with governing agencies during the project approval process, coordinating and supervising the field staff during construction and insuring that compliance to the specifications and requirements for final acceptance is achieved. With over 20 years of engineering experience, he has worked in various fields in the Civil Engineering profession making him an important member of the Schaeffers team.

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