Allan R. Steedman, P.Eng.


Allan R. Steedman, (B.A.Sc., P.Eng.) is President of Schaeffers Consulting Engineers and has been active in the municipal engineering and land development fields for over twenty-five years. For example, his experience included being the director-in-charge of the MESP for the Bayview North-West (OPA 121, 113 and 114) and the Elgin-Leslie Secondary Plan (OPA 135) in the Town of Richmond Hill and the Municipal Servicing Study for Block 10 and 11, and the Woodbridge Expansion Area in the City of Vaughan.

His broad experience in all aspects of engineering and planning, his professional approach to problem solving, and his knowledge and sensitivity to local issues and developers demands are important assets to this company. He is personally familiar with the local regulatory agencies' staff through his past involvement in projects in the Toronto area. On past projects as Project Director his knowledge and activity in every phase of the project helped blend the contributions of the specialists to achieve synergistic results.

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